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This is my WAV File Download Page. To download these files Right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..." from the menu that pops up.

Rating SystemMeanning
M13Mature 13+
AAAll Audiances

File NameRatingDescription
DOE.WAVAAHomer Simpson's favorite saying
BORING.WAVAAHomer Simpson saying boring
BLAUGH.WAVM13The Bevis & Butthead laugh.
BUTMUNCH.WAVM13Butthead calling Bevis a buttmunch.
DSPCABLE.WAVAADaffy Duck Saying "Thats Dispicable."
DUM@SS.WAVM13This is somebody saying "Dumb@ss."
GREATMAN.WAVAAThis is Cheech saying "This is great man."
SHUTTP-2.wavAAThis is somebody saying "Shutup.">
SMACK.WAVAAThis is somebody saying "Don't make me smack you."
SPECIAL.WAVAAThe Curch Lady for SNL saying "Well isn't that special."
START-IT.WAVAACheech saying "OK start it up man."
TERMINAT.WAVAAThe Terminator saying "I'll be back."
TURNITOF.WAVAACheech saying "Well turn it off man."

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