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You will find on the left, a list of albums that have caught my attention and that I have listened to multiple times in the last month. Some of them are new, while others are old. I love to listen to vinyl records and you will normally find many more LPs listed than are currently listed. I scour used record stores for "treasures" on a regular basis, as well as buy new reissues when I can afford them. Currently, I have been listening to more CDs, as you can tell by the list to the left. I will try to update this list monthly. I will also try to give a short "review" of the albums listed in the future. I am currently in a soundtrack mood. I am not sure why that is, but it has something to do with the mood that I am currently in.


Burmester Sampler CD Volume 3

I have not written up something for all the albums listed yet, but I did want to fill you in on one CD that I bought last weekend that has blowen me away. I think that you will be impressed also, if you can find a copy. This is the Burmester Sampler 3 CD. Burmester has taken various albums, and remastered them from the original master tapes. The results are nothing short of amazing. I now wish that I could find copies of volume 1 and 2.

The song that impresses me the most is Stimela by Hugh Masekela. This is a live recording in a night club somewhere about trains. Now as you may know, my son David (the third D in 3DAdams), is crazy about trains. Hugh Masekela is an African artist that uses his voice to simulate the sounds of a train as well as sing about them. The band behind him is terrific. A friend of mine thought that the trumpet player sounded an awful lot like Miles Davis. My opinion is that he is not as good as Miles (who ever will be?), but that he does a great job. I will have to get the original album to find out who he is, since the liner notes do not give details about the individual artists on each album. The rhythms used are wonderful. I have to admit that I like the rhythms of African music.

Another cut worth mentioning, is from a Naxos album called Master of Chinese Percussion by Yim Hok-Man. The cut is called Poem of Chinese Drums. This album will blast the neighbors out of the house. Actually, the first time that I played it, my wife had to come down and remind me that it was 10:30 at night. She thought that I had gone nuts. This cut will test the dynamics of your system. Again, I love the rhythms.

For those of you that like classical music, try Sonata Concertata from Paganini's Works for Violin and Guitar. What beautiful music!

All of this album is recorded with the highest level of detail and dynamics I have heard. These rival some of the Turtle Records recordings that I have. I will give this ablum my highest rating in my catalog of a 10. This album is wonderful!!! Go find it somewhere.

Oh, by the way. You will not want to play this in the car! It just won't do it justice.

Reptile, Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has produced one of his best recordings in a long time when he recorded Reptile. This album is dedicated to his uncle Adrian (a.k.a. "son") who passed away in the spring of 2000. You can just feel the love and respect Eric has toward his uncle and aunt in the song "Son & Sylvia". This album is a mixture of blues and rock that only Eric Clapton can do.

Songs like "Got You On My Mind" and "I Want A Little Girl", have a strong blues foundation that really gets my foot stompin' and my heart pumpin'. Seriously, these guys get going on these cuts.

Other songs like "Travelin' Light" and "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight" are Clapton's versions of songs done by others before. Clapton adds a newness and freshness to these songs that make them worth listening to again. One of my favorite cuts on the album is Ray Charles' "Come Back Baby". These guys get into this song and take me with them.

The title cut "Reptile" has an instrumental with great guitar playing in it.

The sound quality is 4, on a scale of one to five. It is an HDCD disk if you have the ability to decode HDCD. Not a great audiophile recording like the Burmester Sampler, but still good enough to own.


Mom's 70th Birthday Party

My mom had her 70th Birthday Party on September 6th, 2003. I have added pictures from that party. Hope you all enjoy!


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