Olive protecting Evin while he sleeps (51kb) I got my foot! (56kb) I got both my feet!! (59kb) See my feet. (54kb) Both feet clamped together (57kb)
Eatin' my fish in my bear butt (44kb) My bear butt (44kb) Hi there (28kb) Eatin' my toys. (40kb) Got my foot again! (39kb)
DSCN2717.jpg (35kb) Checkin' out the cars (34kb) DSCN2721.jpg (28kb) Ready for a rough ride (53kb) I can eat my feet too!! (37kb)
Hangin' out under my blue blanket (29kb) DSCN2798_fixed.jpg (23kb) Grandma thinks it's cold (25kb) Green isn't as good of a color on me, don't you think? (35kb) My eye color is goofy with the green blanket (38kb)
There's that foot again (49kb) Got 'em both this time (36kb) My feet taste really good (46kb) Who took that picture without telling me? (36kb) Mom, Dad and Evin (41kb)
Grandpa and Evin (34kb) I was ready for the picture this time (35kb) Evin helping Mom open her birthday present (44kb) The paper is really good (43kb) Mom, you can't have it if you are going to look like that (46kb)
Reading my book (46kb) DSCN2914.jpg (29kb) DSCN2915.jpg (28kb) DSCN2916.jpg (47kb) Dad and Evin trying to sleep (24kb)
Look at my new jacket and my racing car outfit (35kb) Grandma and Evin (40kb)