Good sunglasses Grandma! (56kb) Crawlin' down the good ol' Tualatin River. (76kb) Look what I got. (46kb) Dad and Evin hangin' out.  Grandpa giving Evin his first ice cream. (54kb)
You have to climb into Grandpa's lap so you can have more ice cream. (44kb) Just a little more, Mom. (50kb) That is good ice cream. (43kb) Grandpa getting into trouble for giving too much.  How can you deny that face? (52kb) I see you, Grandma. (34kb)
DSCN3790.jpg (63kb) Evin with his phone.  He will be just like his Mom and Grandma when he grows up. (65kb) Evin and his buddy. (53kb) “The hills are alive with the sound of music”. (52kb) Getting ready to walk all by himself. (61kb)
Riding the pumpkin (bug?). (71kb) Evin's first visit to the zoo.  Mom is hiding. (77kb) Evin, Mom and Dad sharing a hug at the zoo. (47kb) Evin with the penguins. (86kb) Checking out the polar bears. (73kb)
Going to see the rest of the animals. (55kb) Mom, Dad and Evin checking ou the animals.  It's tiring to go to the zoo. (116kb) Deep contemplation. (40kb) Evin petting the goat. (64kb) What a cummy movie. (60kb)
I see you. (43kb) Evin with more phones.  Who is teaching him this, Mom and Grandma? (75kb) I got you didn't, I. (35kb) DSCN4032.jpg (34kb) I'm in jail with no wa wa. (42kb)
Evin petting Suzie. (45kb) Good crackers. (65kb) Did Suzie eat all the cake? (47kb) You want a kiss? (36kb) Evin and Mom practicing the piano. (50kb)
I can play with my feet too! See Mom? (65kb) Evin getting a bath while Roger looks on. (36kb) Baths are fun! (44kb) I hope that yellow stuff is not what I think it is. (51kb) Evin eating his rubber ducky. (32kb)
What is that on my head? (36kb) Evin getting is sunglasses ready to go. (110kb) Testing 1, 2, 3.  Testing. (94kb) Evin in the sunflowers. (147kb) Get that flower out of my ear. (144kb)
This is a pink one. (135kb) This one matches my shirt. (156kb) And this one matches my britches. (144kb)