Grandpa and Evin (56kb) Tiny Little Feet (58kb) Mr. Magoo (48kb) Somebody Is Waking Me Up! (48kb) I Like You Grandpa (45kb)
This Is Very Comfortable (60kb) DSCN1171.jpg (57kb) Are You Taking Pictures Again Grandma? (82kb) DSCN1173.jpg (79kb) This Is My Grandpa! (84kb)
DSCN1181.jpg (63kb) DSCN1182.jpg (66kb) DSCN1183.jpg (71kb) I Got Your Leg, Grandpa (71kb) Mom and Dad Taking A Moment (83kb)
DSCN1189.jpg (70kb) Mom, Grandpa and Evin (82kb) Somebody's Got My Head! (63kb) DSCN1196.jpg (76kb) Rodger, Mom and Evin.  What A Cat Has To Do For Some Lap Space! (78kb)
Very Content (72kb) DSCN1207.jpg (66kb) DSCN1215.jpg (45kb) Grandma Talking To Evin (54kb) DSCN1221.jpg (61kb)
Dad Showing Off The Baby (77kb) DSCN1225.jpg (74kb) Is That A Race Car Dad? (73kb) DSCN1227.jpg (55kb) Uncle Adam and Evin (102kb)
DSCN1229.jpg (99kb) Is This Scaring You Grandma?  Maybe You'll Give The Camera A Rest Now. (66kb)