Shortly After Birth (74kb) Dad and Son (97kb) One Happy Father and His New Son (89kb) Mom and Her New Son (76kb) Grandpa's Very Proud (85kb)
The New and Expanded Brown Family (69kb) DSCN1031.jpg (86kb) Happy Birthday, Evin!!!  Born at 3:05AM (59kb) Grandpa's First Look (101kb) Precious! (94kb)
DSCN1043.jpg (62kb) DSCN1044.jpg (61kb) DSCN1045.jpg (56kb) Like Mother, Like Son! (60kb) Our Bundle Of Joy.  Can't Wait To Spoil Him. (74kb)
Tired, But Proud (83kb) DSCN1050.jpg (81kb) Can't Someone Get Grandma To Stop Taking Pictures?  I'm Tired! (87kb) DSCN1052.jpg (80kb) Check This Out...All 7 lbs 14 ozs Of Him (86kb)
Boy Those Are Little Hands (61kb) DSCN1058.jpg (65kb) DSCN1059.jpg (79kb) What's That Over There?  Mom? (63kb) DSCN1062.jpg (77kb)
Are You Still Taking Pictures Grandma? (94kb) DSCN1065.jpg (88kb) Sitting By The Stream.  One Hour Old. (91kb) This Might Be OK (92kb) DSCN1071.jpg (91kb)
That Tastes Good (76kb) DSCN1073.jpg (76kb) Let Me Help You (99kb) DSCN1075.jpg (90kb) Grandma Gets To Hold Me.  Who's Taking Pictures Now? (83kb)
Grandpa's Turn (98kb) Very Proud Grandpa (112kb) DSCN1080.jpg (85kb) Dad, Grandpa and Evin (86kb) Grandma, Grandpa and Grandson.  This Is Great! (84kb)
Grandma and Evin (91kb) Grandma and Evin.  All 20 Inches Of Him. (88kb)