Mom and Grandpa with Evin (96kb) Looking Down on the World (50kb) Great Grandma and Evin Hangin' Out (72kb) DSCN1778.jpg (51kb) I've Got Him and You Can't Have Him! (80kb)
DSCN1781.jpg (74kb) DSCN1785_edited.jpg (90kb) Aunt Wendy and Evin (52kb) DSCN1788_edited.jpg (49kb) DSCN1789.jpg (59kb)
DSCN1790.jpg (53kb) Aunt Wendy, Uncle Jon and Evin (77kb) Jon's New Dog for His Truck (74kb) DSCN1794_edited.jpg (70kb) DSCN1795_edited.jpg (63kb)
Is That You, Uncle Jon? (60kb) You Trying to Tickle Me? (72kb) DSCN1799.jpg (57kb) Uncle Jon, Great Grandma Dona, Mom and Evin (73kb) Just Hangin' Over Great Grandpa Clyde (85kb)
A New Outfit (80kb) All The Kids (79kb) Grandpa, That Finger of Yours is Empty! (56kb) Dad and Great Grandpa Playing with Evin's Toys (64kb) DSCN1814_edited.jpg (81kb)
Great Great Aunt Betty and Evin (89kb) DSCN1818_edited.jpg (90kb)