Evin and The Turkeys Arrive For Dinner (83kb) He Doesn't Seem To Be Very Interested In The Turkeys (63kb) Mom and Evin With Uncle David In The Background (92kb) I Think That Was Good Turkey Dinner, Mom.  Let's Take A Nap. (48kb) DSCN1250.jpg (56kb)
DSCN1251.jpg (58kb) DSCN1252.jpg (46kb) My Lips!  Are You Nuts, Grandma.  Always Taking Pictures Aren't You. (48kb) DSCN1260.jpg (64kb) Grandma, I'm A Boy.  What's With The Flowery Scarf? (112kb)
Another Scarf? (78kb) Now The Hand.  Where Will It Stop? (107kb) I Should Have Known! (58kb) OK!  Stop With The Feet. (88kb) Grandpa and Evin (84kb)
Wiped Out After Dinner (91kb) DSCN1288.jpg (66kb) Evin, Mom and Great Great Aunt Betty. (77kb) DSCN1296.jpg (70kb) Evin, Grandpa and Aunt Betty (72kb)
DSCN1306.jpg (73kb) Grandma and Evin. (82kb) All Curled Up (65kb) DSCN1319.jpg (76kb) Real Comfortable. (71kb)
DSCN1333.jpg (61kb) DSCN1334.jpg (63kb) DSCN1338.jpg (45kb) DSCN1339.jpg (44kb) DSCN1341.jpg (52kb)
DSCN1342.jpg (48kb) I'm A Happy Baby! (63kb) DSCN1348.jpg (60kb) DSCN1352.jpg (37kb) DSCN1358.jpg (50kb)
DSCN1362.jpg (42kb) DSCN1363.jpg (47kb) DSCN1371.jpg (57kb) DSCN1373.jpg (59kb)