I'm Glad Your Home Mom (59kb) Your Not Fooling Me Grandma!  I See The Camera. (49kb) DSCN2296.jpg (48kb) See, I Can Smile! (44kb) DSCN2300_edited.jpg (46kb)
DSCN2301_edited.jpg (48kb) DSCN2304_edited.jpg (43kb) DSCN2306_edited.jpg (47kb) Watchin' TV.  Grandpa, You Sure Spoil Me. (27kb) DSCN2320.jpg (37kb)
DSCN2323_edited.jpg (62kb) DSCN2325.jpg (49kb) DSCN2326_edited.jpg (51kb) Evin Celebrating Grandpa's 25th Birthday (64kb) DSCN2352_edited.jpg (49kb)
Mom Telling Evin Secrets (41kb) She's Still Doing It (35kb) Hi There (53kb) DSCN2367.jpg (60kb) DSCN2368_edited.jpg (69kb)
DSCN2371.jpg (57kb) Evin Eating His Hands. (51kb) DSCN2375.jpg (62kb) A Very Happy Evin (71kb) DSCN2377.jpg (61kb)
Don't Let Mom See Me Wearing This Hat.  She Thinks I Don't Like Them. (66kb) The Frank Sinatra Look (72kb) This Is Fun (58kb) Just Playing With My Toys With My Hat On. (70kb) What A Look (65kb)
DSCN2388.jpg (40kb) DSCN2390.jpg (42kb)