January 2005

Just Layin' Around Watchin' The Bugs (73kb) DSCN2071.jpg (51kb) DSCN2072_edited.jpg (80kb) My Construction Outfit (102kb) Work Can Wear You Out (84kb)
DSCN2089_edited.jpg (111kb) DSCN2094_edited.jpg (79kb) Hi, Mom! (94kb) DSCN2098.jpg (98kb) I Got My Binky (85kb)
DSCN2100_edited.jpg (78kb) I Got Grandpa! (71kb) Grandpa Talkin' To Evin (78kb) Hello. (69kb)
Takin' A Little Nap (78kb) DSCN2228.jpg (62kb) Gettin' The Diapers Changed (70kb) Playin' With My Toys (86kb) DSCN2240.jpg (77kb)
DSCN2242.jpg (83kb) Boy, Is That Good! (79kb) DSCN2252.jpg (71kb) Are You Trying To Tickle Me? (81kb) Boy, Everyone Gets Funny Expressions When I'm Around! (72kb)
Sleepin' In My Car Seat. (77kb) DSCN2271.jpg (98kb) DSCN2273.jpg (89kb) Are You Scared Yet? (59kb) DSCN2278.jpg (59kb)
DSCN2280.jpg (80kb) Are You Trying To Fake Me Out With That Finger? (99kb) DSCN2287.jpg (54kb) I Like You, Mom (55kb) Are You Laughing At Me? (75kb)
Yuk.  Do You Have To Kiss Me In Front Of The Camera, Like That? (61kb)