Is this mine? (23kb) DSCN5456 copy.jpg (22kb) Evin picking out the tires for Grandma's car. (25kb) Suzie and Evin checking out the birds in the back yard. (26kb) I know I can make this thing work. (25kb)
This goes in here. (26kb) Then you use this orange thing to make it move. (26kb) Evin wearing Grandpa's shoes. (29kb) Hi there. (30kb) Mom, that is my helmet. (26kb)
The new doctor in the family. (22kb) DSCN5478 copy.jpg (29kb) Evin sleeping with Grandpa. (29kb) Evin sleeping with the llama. (33kb) Sleeping hard. (21kb)
DSCN5558.jpg (34kb) Evin and Grandpa watching a car race. (21kb) Oh no!!  Did you see that. (23kb) DSC_0005.jpg (15kb) DSC_0010.jpg (12kb)
I'm still number one. (19kb) Is that you in there? (19kb) Evin, Dad and Olive sleeping. (18kb) Peek-a-boo! (12kb) I know I'm cute. (11kb)
Evin herding the animals. (16kb) Sometimes a bite will get those animals back into control. (13kb) Evin taking the bottles to the store. (16kb) Oh, Oh.  I just spilled them. (15kb) Got to put these back in the bag. (17kb)
Some of them really tried to get away. (13kb) Now we can go to the store.  Don't you spill again bottles. (18kb) Evin waking up. (21kb)