Boy, is the cat in the hat tasty. (78kb) DSCN3448.jpg (57kb) You think your tough? (58kb) Take that.... (56kb) ... and that. (50kb)
Sometimes you just have to get tough with Grandma. (51kb) Grandma kissing Evin with Grandpa trying to make a hat. (63kb) Grandma and Evin. (56kb) I'll sort your records, Grandpa. (50kb) Let (45kb)
Evin and Dad with another dumb hat. (55kb) Evin playing the xylophone. (54kb) Grandpa playing Evin's teeth. (57kb) Oh, Oh.  Who made this stupid hat? (45kb) Evin's rocking pumpkin. (48kb)
Evin showing Mom his rocking pumpkin. (46kb) It the stupid hat again! (155kb) Wow, head rush!!! (144kb) Are you in there? (97kb) See what I can do to a stupid hat. (150kb)
Ride 'em pumpkin!  (Just isn't the same) (206kb)