I sure like my peas (70kb) I didn't get any on my face (64kb) What are you looking at? (58kb) I think Grandpa is nuts (46kb) I'm a big boy (26kb)
I should get a girl or two with this outfit. (30kb) It's my toy box and I'm having fun. (44kb) DSCN3169.jpg (31kb) I can drink my own milk now, too. (36kb) I use my new cell phone alot. (57kb)
Just like Mom uses the phone. (60kb) Who knocked me over (59kb) I don't know how my shirt got so wet. (58kb) This is the greatest ball ever. (51kb) DSCN3268.jpg (41kb)
Uncle Jon uses the phone alot, too. (64kb) What do you mean?  There is nothing in my mouth. (33kb) That wasn't in my mouth.  I don't know what you are talking about. (32kb) Dad and me. (39kb) I don't know where this hat came from. (58kb)
Me sucking my thumb. (55kb)