I got you, Mom! (37kb) Hanging out with Grandma.  She sure can wear you out. (56kb) I can eat both hands at the same time.  See. (58kb) Playing with Anna Banana. (66kb) DSCN2445.jpg (47kb)
Hi there. (48kb) Sleeping with Grandpa. (40kb) The cocoon. (62kb) Sleeping with Anna Banana. (55kb) Mom, I am working the remote control for the TV. (40kb)
It tastes good too. (51kb) It's a good TV show. (40kb) Getting kind of sleepy. (41kb) Are you telling me ghost stories? (34kb) No, not that ghost! (28kb)
Wearing my Grandma Loves Me bib. (63kb) DSCN2490.jpg (63kb) Getting sleepy. (39kb) Fooled you!! (31kb) DSCN2497.jpg (25kb)
DSCN2499.jpg (31kb) Checking things out. (25kb) I do have a small drool problem (29kb) DSCN2508.jpg (37kb) See, I can pose for you Grandma! (32kb)
Another one. (32kb) This is my serious pose. (30kb) Playin' with my toys. (46kb) DSCN2531.jpg (38kb) I like to eat my toys too! (42kb)
DSCN2537.jpg (56kb) DSCN2539.jpg (59kb) DSCN2540.jpg (63kb) Sometimes I like to eat my hands. (68kb) Just hanging out. (57kb)
I'm quick as a flash too.  See. (57kb) Watchin' the cars go by at Grandma and Grandpa's. (39kb) There it goes. (44kb) DSCN2560.jpg (46kb) DSCN2561.jpg (44kb)
DSCN2562.jpg (39kb) DSCN2563.jpg (40kb) Sometimes I get hungry while watching the cars go by. (39kb) DSCN2565.jpg (46kb) Just layin' around, laughing. (47kb)
DSCN2570.jpg (42kb) That sure is funny. (39kb) DSCN2572.jpg (54kb) I'm a really happy boy. (35kb) What are these? (68kb)
You really have to hold onto these.  Who put these here? (49kb) Goin' for a ride. (65kb) DSCN2590_edited.jpg (68kb) I got my baseball bib on. (73kb) Great Grandpa and Great Grandma and me. (59kb)
Chewin' on some of my toys at Great Grandpa's party. (64kb) Grandpa and me reading my book. (45kb) DSCN2614.jpg (47kb) DSCN2615_edited.jpg (52kb) I can stand.  (almost all by myself) (53kb)
I'm a big boy sitting in a big boy chair. (65kb) Mom, Dad and Me. (51kb) I got you.  (I'm not sure who has who here?) (54kb) Dad and me eating my fingers. (45kb) They were really sour. (48kb)
Trying on my new rain hat. (52kb) Some people think it looks funny, but I think it looks good. (51kb) I'm posing again for you Grandma. (44kb)