Mom and Evin at school (58kb) DSCN2962_edited.jpg (57kb) Evin wearing the wrong bib again.  Where is the Grandpa Loves Me bib? (52kb) Evin with his duck butt (48kb) Evin trying some carrots (65kb)
Those aren't too bad (47kb) They do slide out sometimes though (61kb) Grandpa trying to help Evin eat the carrots (61kb) DSCN2988.jpg (59kb) Evin's friend Summer (68kb)
DSCN3003.jpg (49kb) Evin playing with Dad.  Hey did you know I'm upside down? (57kb) Having fun (45kb) DSCN3014.jpg (48kb) Grandma and Evin (67kb)
Evin eating his tooth book.  Maybe that will get him some teeth. (35kb) Mom's not so sure Evin should be eating the book. (51kb) DSCN3034.jpg (45kb) That's my Nemo (45kb) Dad and Evin (42kb)
DSCN3040_fixed.jpg (45kb) DSCN3041.jpg (56kb) Evin trying to drink from the cup (49kb) DSCN3045.jpg (44kb) Evin sleeping (65kb)
Evin at the restaurant with Great Grandma and Grandpa in the background (77kb) DSCN3066.jpg (73kb) Evin getting a horse ride (55kb) DSCN3069.jpg (43kb) Great Grandpa Clyde and Evin (69kb)
Evin's skeleton suit (70kb) The other side (60kb)