Evin with his best smile (128kb) The park ranger (98kb) What is that animal doing out there? (107kb) Did you see that? (104kb) The park ranger giving Grandpa some love. (150kb)
The park ranger showing Great Grandma his outfit. (142kb) Evin with his hat (145kb) Oh, Oh.  Mom stool the hat. (145kb) Evin got his hat back from Mom (139kb) Evin's crooked grin. (93kb)
Evin with Mom and Dad (143kb) Evin and his friend Suzie (129kb) Evin and Suzie holding hands (101kb) Evin with Dad (94kb) Evin with Grandma (36kb)
Evin seems to hold his head just like Grandma's. (36kb) DSC_0012.jpg (38kb) I think I have a wet diaper (32kb) Just checkin' to make sure this diaper is clean. (24kb) Grandma, hurry up! (43kb)
Evin and Grandpa in serious thought. (25kb) Evin with Grandpa's tie.  What a great toy. (37kb) You think you can get this tie from me? (33kb)