My new hat.  Boy do I hate hats. (38kb) Who keeps making me where this silly hats? (49kb) Cuddling with Mom. (82kb) Hi there Grandpa. (58kb) What you doin'? (65kb)
I got your camera strap, Grandpa! (64kb) Evin with the lunch box. (134kb) DSC_0011.jpg (84kb) Evin on his way to his bath. (100kb) This is fun. (120kb)
See my tongue Grandpa. (66kb) DSC_0019_edited-1.jpg (80kb) Grandma, your choking me! (82kb) Drinking my bottle. (97kb) All done. (96kb)
I just got a little dinner on me. (91kb) DSC_0032.jpg (81kb) Is that a moustache? (77kb) DSC_0038.jpg (77kb) See, my hands are all clean. (79kb)