Sound Asleep With Grandpa (71kb) DSCN1442.jpg (34kb) DSCN1444.jpg (47kb) DSCN1446_edited.jpg (78kb) Grandma and Evin (57kb)
I'm Hungry and This Finger Thing Doesn't Work (47kb) DSCN1453.jpg (50kb) Mom and Evin (65kb) Grandma Proudly Showing Evin (45kb) Grandma, That's Enough With The Kisses Already! (37kb)
DSCN1459_edited.jpg (76kb) DSCN1460.jpg (69kb) Is That A Camera I See? (49kb) Hi Mom. (54kb) Grandpa Showing Evin the Baby (92kb)
DSCN1468.jpg (47kb) OK.  That Seems Like Two Cameras. (82kb) That Was Awfully Bright (56kb) DSCN1472.jpg (46kb) DSCN1474.jpg (39kb)
Mom, Great Grandma, And Evin (83kb) Oops! (89kb) Great Grandpa and Evin.  What's With the Red Shirt Grandma??? (68kb) DSCN1481.jpg (55kb) Great Grandpa, Evin and Mom (77kb)
Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Mom and an Unhappy Evin (75kb) DSCN1493.jpg (49kb) DSCN1495.jpg (51kb) Mom, Dad and Evin (70kb) DSCN1502.jpg (47kb)
DSCN1506.jpg (48kb) DSCN1508.jpg (49kb) Great Grandpa and Evin Talking (70kb) DSCN1512.jpg (39kb) DSCN1513.jpg (39kb)
DSCN1514.jpg (42kb) Are you messing with me? (82kb) No messing with me. (78kb) I was sure you weren't messing with me. (77kb) Grandpa and Evin (36kb)
DSCN1524.jpg (54kb) Evin and...Oops.  That's Olive.  How did she get in here? (48kb)